Set Your Goal

Whether your goal is just a mini vacation for a few days, or a vacation for a few weeks, as long you have a main goal set you are well on your way to earning big.

1) Start off by setting an earning goal.

By setting an earning goal, it will give you a rough estimate of what you will earn day by day for however long you save for. 

2) Plan your vacation.

Pick a vacation spot that is right for you. Don't be afraid of how crazy the idea is. Nothing is impossible. If you have the time, patience and perseverance, anything is possible. Be sure to fully research discount pages for vacations, as this will better your chances of having spending money during your vacation. 

3) Allocate the funds.

By allocating and budgeting your funds, you will find that you will have a rough estimate of what your vacation will cost you. If you are planning to visit attractions, get pricing from their websites, figure taxes and fees, and subtract it from your funds. Be sure to get pricing on hotels/motels in the vicinity of your attraction visits. When it gets closer to vacation time, set a budget for gas and food costs. Don't be afraid to ask locals for dining hot spots, as most likely these places will be inexpensive and budget friendly.

4) Have fun!

Most of all, have fun while on vacation.

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